Hindi Alphabets – स्वर- swar( क ख ग)

Lets begin Hindi class first session.This session will be focused on understand how to read the Hindi alphabets.Hindi alphabets are the foundation of learning the language.They are called swar in Hindi.It means alphabet.The first concern is to read the swar which will then help you to read the words(shabd).Shabd is called as word in Hindi.There is a very important message for all the readers,please dont focus to read it with correct pronounciation first,THE FOCUS SHOULD BE TO TRY YOUR BEST TO READ IT AND THEN PRACTICE TO SAY IT CORRECTLY.You will find an audio file with every session that will help you to listen and practice the session material written in each class.So the fist thing we will start with is

swar- Alphabet- sw- a-r  स्व  +  र

word-shabd- sh – b(half sound of b)-d – श +ब्+द

These two shabd are very easy to learn and important also as they will be spoken many times.

Please see the following hindi alphabets.


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